Stylish Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are a great way to go, especially if you want to feel that closeness to your little one as you transition going back to work and taking your child with you.  But which is the best baby carrier for you?  The thing is, that sometimes it could be hard to find just the right type of baby carrier that fits your stylish needs, and just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish just like everyone else.

What are the different types of baby slings?

Air Soft Carrier by Boba

This front or back baby carrier just weighs less than 1 pound and it does come in different colors. A lot of moms tend to head for the black, because it matches everything. Not only does it carry babies up to 45 lbs, but it is also very comfortable.

Pocket Shirt Carrier by NuRoo

This unique carrier allows you to have skin on skin contact, but it also doubles as a shirt that you can wear anytime that you want.

Mei Tai by Baby So Smart

This unique carrier was based on old Chinese style carriers called Mei Tai’s. They are normally square or even rectangular and have 4 straps. They can be used on the front or back, but some moms even make them work to be worn on the hip.

Wrap Ring Sling by Maya

These awesome carriers will let you carry your little one with ease without all the hassle of buckles. The ring sling is a piece of fabric that will wrap around the hip and goes over one shoulder. You are able to adjust the wrap with two sling which is wear the name comes from.

Hip Carrier by Scootababy

If you are used to sitting your baby on your hip, then this carrier will be perfect for you. Not only is it perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable placing their baby on their front or back, but it allows you to be comfortable as well.

Pouch Carrier by Karma Baby

These bad boys are easy to use, easy to clean, and pretty comfortable. They are just a long tube of fabric that is folding in half lengthwise to make a pocket for your baby. You can then wear it over one shoulder just like a sling.

There are plenty of great baby carriers out there that will give you that stylish look and even help you to feel more at ease with your baby. The ones listed are great because they come in plenty of patterns, colors, and will even come in neutral colors for dad.

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Diaper bags boys will love

Diaper bags boys will love

Picking the right type of diaper bag for a boy can be hard, but when it comes to being stylish, it can be even harder. Below are some great options that you will love and so will all your friends. Be prepared to be asked where you got your bag, and hear a lot of compliments on just how awesome it looks.

Harbor by Vilah Bloom

This is a diaper bag that really proves that fashion does come with function. This preppy tote will let you wear it over the shoulder or you can attach it to your stroller with clips. It has 9 different pockets and there are also 2 bottle pockets. So you will have room for everything you need, including your baby wipes. This bag has a easily accessible wipes pocket that is great for being able to get to what you need and fast.

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Portland Bag by Pacapod

It certainly isn’t hard to see why this awesome messenger style bag is a best seller. It is very stylish and it comes with an expandable panel as well as a 3-in-1 pod system that will keep all of your feeding things from all your changing items.

Satchel from JJ Cole Collections

If you are a mom who doesn’t have a big budget, but you are looking for a spacious and elegant looking diaper bag, then you have found the one. This bag has 7 exterior pockets as well as 4 interior pockets. You are certainly going to have plenty of space for all the items that you need.

Nixi Arcata Diaper Bag by Bumkins

This is a really eco-friendly bag that is loved by a lot of moms. Not only is it cool, it is really durable. It is made from recycled fabrics, and it comes with 5 interior pockets and 6 exterior pockets that will hold all that you need and more, plus it is great for staying organized. It is also lightweight and it keeps from getting bulky.

Ariel Diaper Bag by Storksak

Even though this bag has a girl’s name, it is all about the boys for this one. The red design keeps your diaper bag looking more like a modern purse. It has a look about it that keeps it discrete. It comes with a changing mat and even a drawstring bag for things that get messy. It is made from a silicone material that is easy to just wipe clean and it also has stroller clips for your day trips.

Diddie Diaper Bag by Phil & Ted

This a really dad friendly diaper bag that has a nice urban chic type vibe that you can get on board with. It has a shoulder to stroller strap system and it is messenger bag that comes with a changing pad that has been tucked away in its very own pouch to make it easier for you to clean up. It is also roomy enough that you can throw your laptop in there with all your baby items.

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