Bugaboo frog stroller review

Let’s be honest here, all parents know just how useful a stroller is and will be. It doesn’t matter if you are just an everyday jane or a celebrity. A stroller is one part of a baby arsenal that is indispensable even if you have older children. Whenever it comes to strollers, Bugaboo is the Gucci of strollers. There have been all types of strollers, which Bugaboo has shown that it takes the cake.

When you look at the Bugaboo Frog, it really looks different from other strollers. It has what looks like frog suspension, which is where the Frog got its name. There are even adapters for the car seat that you use, so it means that you can fit this stroller easily into your car and the car seat will fit just right in the Frog, so you can take this stroller on long journeys.

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Is the Bugaboo Frog right for your baby?

The Bugaboo Frog has a lot of really useful features, one of them which is a reversible seat. That means it is possible for you to have your child facing you or facing away from you. Another great thing about the Frog is that the handlebar is actually adjustable. So you can pick how high you want the handlebar to be and which wheels you want to lead the stroller. When you are strolling on roads, sidewalks in the city, the smaller wheels are best up front but if you are out in the country or are going to be in an area that has rough terrain, then the bigger wheels need to be in the front as it will make navigating any uneven surfaces easier. Since the wheels on the Frog aren’t actually filled with air, but with foam, you know that you will never have a flat tire to deal with like other stroller models.The Bugaboo frog stroller rocks.

Another good advantage about the Frog is that you can take the fabric off and wash it. So if your little one has an accident, you don’t have to worry about throwing it away or it having a nasty stain on it. You just wash and reuse. There are three seat positions which are really handy for children from Newborn to 4 years old. The first is the flat position, which is great for your little ones up to a year old, then there is a semi reclining position for your little one. Then you have the sitting position for your older children. There are also other cool accessories such as a mosquito net and a large sun cover. Another good thing is that it comes with a DVD that shows you how to use the stroller and it comes with a maintenance kit.


The Frog by Bugaboo is really comfortable, long lasting and functional. You can use the stroller up to 4 years and after that you can use it with your next child. There isn’t going to be another stroller out there like it.