Baby Slings from a biological and medical point of view

Baby slings have been around for hundreds of years, but many have just recently discovered just how wonderful they really are. There are a lot of advantages for being able to use a baby sling starting from when your baby is a newborn up until they are 3 or 4.

Firstly, wearing your baby is really convenient. You will be able to breastfeed discretely while you are doing various things such as working, doing housework, or even shopping. If you happen to have a little one that must be held at all times, then this is a way to do that while keeping your hands free. This is especially great if you happen to have older children. It allows you care for them while still keeping your newest member tucked safely against you.

What’s a baby Sling? Know here.

It is great for babies who have a habit of arching their backs during breastfeeding. Often times babies like this feed better when they are moving. It is also good for babies who are slow to gain weight, will often gain more weight if they are carried for several hours a day, because being close to mom encourages them to eat more frequently.

It also helps to reduce colic and crying. Babies tend to be happier because they happen to have less need to cry and it allows a parent to enjoy their babies more because of this.

It also enhances learning. It has been shown that babies that are carried will often have enhanced auditory and visual alertness as well as quiet alertness. Being able to carry your baby helps to promote speech development and cognitive development because they are experiencing more conversations and experiences.

Carrying your baby will also help to promote bonding and enhances the feelings of competence for the parents. A higher frequency of touching and feeding your baby stimulates the mothering hormones, and carrying the baby frequently encourages and speeds up the development of cue reading.

Just like with all products, there will be various opinions about a baby sling. The one most common misconception is that the baby sling will harm your baby. That just isn’t true. The sling is meant to conform to the body of the baby and it is flexible. It is similar to how a baby monkey is carried. For centuries, babies have been worn either on the back or laced across the mother’s chest. There is just this instinct for a mother to carry her child.

When it comes to medical standpoint, there used to be prejudices about the baby sling. Stating that it would damage the spine. Recent studies have stated that it is highly unlikely. The best part is that baby slings will actually keep you from having any back pains because it helps to distribute the weight of the baby evenly so there is no pulling or pressure on your shoulders o back. As your child ages, you will have the chance to carry them on your back.

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