What’s a baby Sling?

In short, a baby sling is simply a cloth piece of material that supports your infant or small child who’s on your body. Using a baby sling is often called baby-wearing.

These are the types of dynamic tension baby carriers, which is basically where the cloth wraps around the body to form a pocket for the baby. Once the sling has been threaded or tied, it can be taken off at any time without having to rethreading or retying.

Whenever the baby is in this carrier, the weight will put tension on the fabric, and the combination of fabric tension and fabric friction cause the sling to become locked in position. This type of sling can be adjusted for different users and sizes to accommodate different wearing positions. Simply support the head with one hand and use the other hand to pull the fabric tight or to loosen it up.

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Some slings may have padded or unpadded shoulder areas. There are some hybrid slings that have curved seats that are sewn into the fabric, similar to a pouch. There are various variations on how you can use the fabric to create a unique style for baby wearing. There is the gathered, hot dog, pleated, pouch style, or center fold and other variations.

The ring sling allows many parents a one size fits most type of size. As long as you have an 8-inch tail on your sling it is actually considered safe. The tail length is actually decided by your preference with many wanting the tail to hit the mid thigh or hip.

The pouch sling is often called ringless slings and are normally made from a wide piece of fabric that is sewn. A fitted pouch will not have rings or anything else. Adjustable pouches will have buckles, snaps, drawstring and more. Many pouches often have a curve sewed into the cloth which allows them to hold the baby more securely. This type of sling just slips over the head and shoulder almost like a sash. There is just one issue with this type of sling, it can often cause infant death because it can suffocate the infant when it is held incorrectly. This normally happens when the chin is collapsed against the chest which constricts the airway. When you use a pouch sling, it can restrict the view of the baby, which can be used for elevating your baby’s face while keeping it visible.

There have been some baby slings that have been recalled due to their design. There have been plenty of incidents where a baby has suffocated while in their carrier, especially the bag sling style. There are a lot of advocated around that have argued that these baby slings are safe, especially when the baby’s face, mouth, and nose are visible at all times. Babywearing is great for all parents and baby because of the advantages and benefits for the baby.

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