Pros and Cons of baby carriers

A baby carrier can be a great option for carrying your baby around, but there are some pros and cons for them. First, you need to know the different types of carriers. The most popular one is a sling. A baby sling was designed to be a carrier that will help to ease the pressure on your backs and arms. There are a lot of different baby carriers out there, but what makes it so different and better for your baby is that a sling doesn’t have any leg openings. Carrying a baby in a sling is also called baby wearing, which is something that has been done for centuries. There are 3 main types of slings. You have ring sling, wraps and pouches.

Pros and Cons of Slings


Access – when your baby is in a sling, you don’t have to use a ramp or elevator. You can enter crowded shops, go hiking and even use public transportation easily.

Expense – Prams and strollers are not cheap. Even getting a second hand stroller can be more expensive than a sling.

Space – Strollers and prams will take up a lot of room when in your car and when you are at home. Slings, are better because they can fit into your purse, and fit in small areas, meaning you can carry it easily until needed.

Skin to Skin Contact – When your baby is in a sling, it will be next to you at all times, all snuggled up and secure. This helps to promote bonding and even works great for those who breastfeed. Many babies will drift off to sleep when they are in a sling because of the rocking or walking motion.

Communication –When your baby is so close to you in a sling, it will began to advance developmentally; simply by watching you they are able to learn non-verbal cues and language.

Hands free –Your every day tasks will become easier such as housework simply because your baby is in a sling. You will be able to have your baby snuggled close to you either watching the surroundings or sleeping while you are free to use both hands.

Fitness –Carrying your baby long distances is a really good workout. Carrying the extra weight while you work helps to add to the benefit of working out.


Difficulty –There are some slings out there that can be hard to put on by yourself. Practice makes perfect, but it still can be hard to do.

Selection –There are a lot of options out there that can be hard for a beginner. Finding one that works for you depends on trying them out to see.

Bags – Slings are not great if you happen to be shopping as carrying your items and your baby can put strain on your shoulders and neck.

Weather – When it is hot out, carrying your baby can be hard. Using a lightweight sling and barely dressing your baby can help and if it is raining using a large umbrella to cover both of you.

Multiples – it is hard to find a sling will work for multiple babies.

Containment – The thing about slings is what if you have to put your baby down, you will have no where to sit your baby.

Safety – Carrying your baby on your body is a bit risky than if you are using a stroller. You could trip, fall, or even catch their body on something. Keep your hands free if needed to ensure that you can catch yourself if you fall. If you happen to feel tired or dizzy, do not use your carrier until you are steady.

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