What are the different types of baby slings?

There are a lot of baby carriers on the market and right now slings are in. Normally a baby carrier will fall into one of these categories: Mei Tais, Ring slings, Wraps or pouches. Different slings will work for different types of parents, but many who use slings will know the safety guidelines when it comes to using them and that having a good support of the baby’s spine, neck, and hips. Additionally, a good sling will need to spread the weight of your baby across the shoulders, hips and back without it digging it. This makes them great for those who have bad backs.

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A wrap is often made up of woven or stretchy type fabrics and are just long pieces of fabric that will wrap around you and your baby. They can be just as comfortable as a t-shirt and it spreads across your back while using the shoulder and back muscles equally. A good advantage to a wrap is that it can left tied but many parents find that the stretch fabrics aren’t that supportive for babies who are over 6 months old. The woven wraps are often better because they can be used past the toddler age but it can be hard to master how to tie a woven wrap and it can be hot in humid or warm weather.

Mei Tais:

These are Asian styled carriers that are basically shaped fabric that has four straps. 2 straps are tied around the waist while the other are around the shoulders and the fabric creates a pocket for your baby. It can be worn on the back, hip or front. The weight is spread to the shoulders and hips through the straps and it works great for older babies and toddlers. The size of the fabric will determine which mei tai is best for your child.

Ring Sling:

These are just pieces of fabric that have two rings that are sewed on the end. The free end is actually looped through the rings that create a pouch with a bit of fabric that hangs down like a tail. They are often worn over just one shoulder and newborns to toddlers can be in this type of sling. You can have a toddler ride on your hip in it. You can also use it on your front or your back. You can also get a padded or unpadded ring sling but it has been found that the unpadded slings are a lot easier to adjust.


A pouch is often worn on just one shoulder. It is also made from just one piece of fabric that creates a pocket for your baby and is worn around your body like a sash. Most of these slings are not adjustable so you will need to have the right size of material. This often means that two parents cannot use the same pouch especially if they are different sizes.

Slings are like shoes; one type of style doesn’t fit everyone. You need to find what works for you.

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